HKTDC Lifestyle Shoppingfest 2021

This exhibition was organised by HKTDC from 28 April to 2 May. It was one of the very first public exhibitions since the pandemic erupted. We were very excited for the event, for the last one, Winter Food Expo at the HKCEC in 2019, was an absolute success: we sold more than 1000 bottles in just several days and had 500+ people signed up at our website as new members.

Our booth this year was simple as no tasting was allowed in the venue. Therefore we only had one aim: to deliver the best service and provide the best products possible for all the participants by showcasing all the trending products in the market.

Every one of us had a great time and we also made acquaintance with lots of customers and people in the same industry.

We Truly look forward to more and more events and exhibitions like this in the future!