The story was set in Copenhagen, where Martin, the protagonist, had a broken marriage and, like many others, began to drink heavily. The reason he believed drinking was the solution to all of his problems was due to a theory he heard at a dinner with his colleagues and friends, Tommy, Peter, and Nikolaj, that if one had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05, he would be more innovative and less stressed. As a result, they continued to drink.

Before long, Martin observed the magical transformation that he was leading a happier life, that his time with his wife was of better quality. More interestingly, his 3 friends were also seeing positive improvements. They then decided to push the theory to the limit by  consuming even more alcohol. Martin continued drinking until one night, when his family couldn’t put up with it anymore. His wife informed him that he had been drinking for months and was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. They parted. The other two had similar family problems, and Tommy died at work as a result of his drinking. After a while, they decided to call the experiment off.