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During the time, the online shopping platforms selling all sorts of goods in Hong Kong were as many as the stars shining in the sky. Yet, “beverage” was never under the spotlight. There were very few platforms focusing only on beverages, not to mention how much their products’ quality and price varied. Open Bottle, the one-stop online beverage store was thus born.

We Focus. We Excel.

Our marvelous team is formed by a procurement expert who has nearly 2 decades of professional experiences, a WSET-qualified wine specialist, and all the other superheroes. With our foresight and experiences, which are unparalleled by other platforms, we are capable of acquiring the beverages of best quality and rare features all over the globe and offering them to our customers in Hong Kong at a reasonable price. Together with the updated beverages information provided, we aim to bring the full range of “Open Bottle” experiences to our customers. 

Stay in HK. Drink in the World.

After established for more than a year, our platform has received over 600,000 page views accumulated, with more than 500 products launched which both the top brands and our exclusive brands are much appreciated. In the future, Open Bottle won’t forget why we started. We will continue to uphold our philosophy: to bring the “Open Bottle” experiences into the everyday lives of more people.