Wolf Blass Grey Label McLaren Vale Shiraz

REGION McLaren Vale, Australia
ABV 14.5%


Grey Label Shiraz was sourced from vineyards ranging in altitudes from about 50m near the coast to 200m where McLaren Vale merges with the Adelaide Hills, bringing complexity and layers of interest to the final wine. The region mostly spans two basins of ancient bedrock layered with sediments laid down by advances and retreats of the sea over the past 45 million years. Soil types vary from sands, yellow clays, and red and black loams through to ironstone.

Deep crimson with purple hues.

Nose: Aromatic blue fruits are combined with notes of dark chocolate, warm spice and subtle nougat oak.

Palate: Medium to full bodied, the blue berried  fruits are succulent and plush, filling the mouth without being heavy. The tannins are velvety and powdery, framing the palate and providing  texture and length.

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