Rimon Semi Sweet Pomegranate Rosé

REGION Galilee, Israel
SIZE 750ml
ABV 13.0%

Rimon Winery is an Israeli winery specialized in producing pomegranate wine, with over a dozen varieties. Rimon is the Hebrew word for pomegranate. Rimon Winery was the first company in the world to make wine from pomegranates.

At Kosherfest 2007, Rimon Winery won "Best New Wine, Beer or Spirit", upon its expansion into the United States. In 2008, Rimon Winery expanded into the United Kingdom, debuting at the London International Wine Fair.

The first stage in the production process of pomegranate wine is the separation of grains from the peel. Then the grains are compressed and the resulting juice is fermented between two and four months. Finally, the wine is transferred into French oak barrels for further aging.

The wine is fermented for several weeks at low temperatures.

The wine's fermentation is stopped early to preserve the pomegranate's natural sweetness. This wine has a fruity aroma and a delicate and pleasing finish.

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