Rhum J.M. V.O.

REGION Martinique
ABV 43%

Located in the small northern village of Macouba, Martinique, at the base of iconic volcano Mt. Pelée, Rhum J.M produces the finest AOC Rhum Agricole from estate-grown sugarcane. Credited to be the first recorded distillery to produce Rhum Agricole, there is no fresher sugarcane crush in the world, taking less than an hour for sugarcane to go from field to fermentation tank.

Aged in a combination of new American oak and re-charred Bourbon barrels, J.M. V.O. aged Rhum Agricole is robust and spirited.

The rum greets you with a supreme balance between fresh wood, warm spice, alluring field blossoms and dried fruit. On the palate, flavors of smoke and hardwood char from the BBQ lead back to dried cloves, figs, with a glorious finish of licorice and toasted sugar.

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