Pommery Royal Brut NV

$330 $360
REGION Champagne, France
ABV 12.5%

With a blend that emphasises the Chardonnay grape, Brut Royal NV is made lively by the flavours of fleshy fruit and little berries. Originating from 40 selected villages in the Côte des Blancs, Montagne de Reims and other areas in the Champagne region, the liveliness and delicacy of the Chardonnay grape is enhanced by the climate. Its freshness shows hints of citrus and white flowers and is made possible by cool primary fermentation, which prevents the naturally volatile subtle flavours from escaping.

Elegant, vibrant. Initial notes of berries. The wine is round, ample, and delicate, with a nice finish. Clear end notes without any dryness. This wine is harmonious and never grows tiresome to the palate.

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