Orendain Tequila Ollitas Blanco

ABV 40%


Since 1926 the name that stands out above all of the other Tequilas for high quality is Tequila Orendain. It has its roots in the state of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, which is where world famous Tequila is manufactured.

This family-owned Tequila manufacturing company began in 1926 under the leadership of the legendary Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez. Today, this company is led by the family’s second generation, who continue to uphold the high standards of founder Don Edwardo Orendain Gonzalez.

The national brand of the Casa Orendain founded in 1926 produces 10 different brands of tequila, which are available world-wide all bear the distinction of being produced by Tequila Orendain.

Triple distilled silver tequila, incredibly smooth and fresh with a delicate agave aroma and taste. Good for enjoying neat, on the rocks and to make premium margaritas or cocktails.

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