Mrs Bee 蜂蜜 [瓶裝]

$200 $220
Origin 原產地 China 中國
Packing Specification 包裝 340g

Mrs Bee's natural high-quality honey has passed the internationally recognized independent testing organization - Hong Kong SGS quality inspection test.  It does not contain any metal impurities, antibiotics or microorganisms harmful to the human body.

# This product is not suitable for babies under one year old.
# Please be sure to store in a cool, dark place and consume as soon as possible.
# This product may crystallize and will not cause any quality problems. To return to the syrup form, don’t boil it directly, but to reheat it in warm water at about 40°C.
# This product is non-returnable.

Mrs Bee 天然優質蜂蜜均通過國際認可獨立檢測機構 - 香港檢驗認證公司 (SGS) 的測試,不含任何對人體有害的金屬雜質、抗生素或微生物。

# 此產品不適合一歲以下的嬰兒服用。 
# 請務必存放在陰涼、避光的地方並儘快食用。
# 此產品可能會產生結晶,不會造成任何質量問題。如果想恢復到糖漿狀態,請不要直接加熱,而是用40°C左右的溫水加熱後食用。
# 此商品不可退貨。

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