Monte Nevado 100% Iberico Ham Hand Cut Sliced 42 months

SIZE 85g

Monte Nevado produces products of great sensorial and nutritious qualities since 1898. Typical food of the Spanish gastronomy, the Monte Nevado ham is one of the most appetizing delicacies among the cured hams of the highest quality.

100% Iberico breed comes from free-range animals of pure breed that during the mast feeding of the montera period roam in the dehesa oak forests where they feed on acorns and grass.

Hand-cut ham retains its organoleptic properties better than machine-cut. Meat is a deep red color, beautifully marbled, shiny and unctuous. This lightly fatty meat has sweet, nutty undertones and melts in your mouth. Intense country flavor with an aftertaste that lingers between the tongue and palate

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