Martell XO Cognac

REGION Cognac, France
ABV 40%

Martell is launching a new and refined design for XO (both carafe and giftbox) that aims at bringing more prestige and modernity to Martell brand image while keeping the fundamentals of Martell XO Cognac (arch, swift, rose gold colour…)

With its streamlined aspect and its transparency, the bottle makes the Martell XO Cognac very desirable. An understated sense of luxury is conveyed, very appreciated by consumers. The box offers a new opening system and stands out as a relevant gift option

Colour: Golden amber with dark copper and mahogany highlights.
Nose: Spicy notes of black and pink pepper and coriander, rounded out by rich aromas of fig, walnut and sandalwood.
Taste: Intense notes of fig, red fruit and blackcurrant bud give full expression to the power and finesse of eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, leading into an exceptionally long and robust finish.

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