El Charro Silver Tequila

ABV 40%


Tequila "El Charro®" Arandas Jalisco, has the characteristics to be a leader among their peers, due to its quality, presentation and competitive price.

Tequila "El Charro®" is a socially responsible company and has been given the task to use in their production processes green team the best care of our ecosystem. Proof of this is that we are the first company in the tequila industry has operated an eco boiler. 

Tequila "El Charro®" aims to reach the most important international markets while maintaining the premium quality that consumers have recognized in the national and international market.

White crystalline Tequila, amezcalado flavor, carefully elaborated in our distillery with a double distillation process; 100% agave.

This tequila is not subjected to any process of aging or maturation rather than a final resting period before being bottled. El Charro Silver is for those who appreciate the distinctive flavor of pure agave without the mixture of other flavors. El Charro Silver real taste and flavor of the blue agave.

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