Domaine Louis Michel & Fils Chablis Premier Cru "Vaillons" 2018

REGION Burgundy, France
ABV -    

Family-owned winery created in 1850, the Domaine's vineyards, whose vines are 45 years old on average, is located within a radius of 2 kilometres from the winery, providing a huge advantage during the harvest: the fruit retains its high quality throughout its short journey to the pressing room.

The Domaine makes three prestigious Grand Crus – including the legendary Grenouilles – as well as seven Premier Crus. The wines are defined by their finesse and purity, offering the perfect example of what Chablis has to offer.

Mixed aromas of toasted hazelnuts, white fruit, sweet spice notes and mild tobacco. A delectable Premier Cru that creates a warm sensation in the mouth.

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