Bowmore Vault Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky [First Release]

REGION Islay, Scotland
ABV 51.5%

The first release in Bowmore’s Vault Edition series, launched in 2016. This series will explore four of the characteristics found in Bowmore’s whiskies after maturing in their No.1 Vaults maturation warehouse. For the first release, the whisky possesses up-front notes of Atlantic sea salt!

Colour: Bright gold.
Obviously some tropical scents on the nose with papaya and kiwi. Salty/maritime as it should be. Vanilla pudding, citrus and straight out the ocean Atlantic cod with soy sauce.
Palate: Creamy, rich and fruity. Here’s the Atlantic sea salt. Typical Bowmore kiwi seasoned with curry. Vanilla to cover the sharp edges.
Finish: Warming, toffees, kiwi, salty, orange peel, copper and a campfire on the beach.

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