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Stock is subject to availability, if you place your order on or before 15th of the month your subscription will commence in that month. For example, if you subscribe on or before 15th July, your subscription will begin in July. If you place your order on or after 16th of the month, your subscription will start in the subsequent month.

If you place an order on or before the 15th of the month, we will send out your first "OBox" within 24 hours after confirming your order and payment, and it will arrive on or before the last day of each month. Please note that sometimes due to unforeseen problems involving the operation of the cooperative brand, shipping delays and/or product delivery delays may occur. Any estimated delivery date is for reference only, and you will not get a refund due to any unforeseen delays. Once your "OBox" is being processed, you will receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number that allows you to monitor its transportation. Due to any unforeseen delays, you will not get a refund. If you change your address during the subscription period, you can make the change through your account and it will take effect next month. If you do not change your address before the completion of the next month's box, resulting in your failure to receive your "OBox", we will not be liable to you and will not provide any refund. Automatic renewal-After your initial subscription period is a fixed subscription period of 3 months, your "OBox" subscription will be automatically renewed for another fixed period of the same length.  You can opt out of automatic renewal through your account 1 day before the fixed subscription period expires. Any subscription cancelled before the fixed subscription period will not be refunded.

If you wish to cancel your subscription before the expiry of the time limit, you must cancel your subscription before the 15th of the current month, otherwise you will receive the "OBox" for the next 3 months. For example: If September is the last month of your fixed subscription period and you want to cancel your subscription from October, you need to notify us before October 15th, otherwise you may receive the " OBox".

We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time due to violation of these terms. We also reserve the right to cancel and/or change the "OBox" order mode at our sole discretion.



庫存視供應情況而定,如果您在當月 15 日或之前下訂單,您的訂購將從當月開始。例如,如果您在 7月 15 日或之前訂閱,您的訂閱將從 7 月的“OBox”開始。如果您在當月 16 日或之後下訂單,您的訂購將在下個月開始。

如果您在當月15日或之前下訂單,我們確認您的訂購付款後 24 小時內會發出您的第一個“OBox”,並於每個月最後一天或之前到貨。請注意,有時可能會由於涉及合作品牌運作過程的不可預見問題而導致運輸延遲和/或產品延期交貨。任何預計的交貨日期僅為參考,由於任何不可預見的延誤,您不會獲得退款。一旦您的“OBox”在運送途中,您將收到一封確認電子郵件,其中包含一個跟踪編號,可讓您監控其運輸情況。由於任何不可預見的延誤,您不會獲得退款。 如果您在訂閱期內更改地址,您可以通過您的帳戶進行更改,並將在下個月生效。如果您在下個月的盒子完成之前沒有更改您的地址,以導致您未能收到您的“OBox”,我們將不對您承擔任何責任,並且不會提供任何退款。 自動續訂 - 在您的初始訂購期為3個月的固定訂購期後,您的“OBox”訂購將自動續訂相同長度的另一個固定期限。您可以在3個月訂購計劃到期日前一天通過您的帳戶選擇退出自動續訂。在固定訂購期前取消的任何訂購都不會獲得退款。

如果您希望在期限屆滿前取消訂購,您必須在當月 15 日之前取消訂閱,否則您將收到隨後3個月的“OBox”。例如﹕如果9月為您所固定訂購期的最後一個月,您想從 10 月開始取消訂閱,您需要在 10 月 15 日之前通知我們,否則您可能會收到往後 10至12月的“OBox”。