Lauder's 25 Years Old Finest Scotch Whisky

REGION Scotland
ABV 42.0%

Lauder's Scotch Whisky can be traced back to 1834 and the historic Royal Lochnagar Vaults in Glasgow, making it one of the oldest blended Scotch whiskies in Existence.

After Archibald Lauder purchased the Vaults, the bar became renowned for having a barber shop in the basement where you could get a haircut with your drink. The name of the bar was later changed to Lauder’s and it was here that, thanks to his blending skills, Archibald Lauder also leant his name to the Scotch that would become an award winning whisky exported across the World. Perhaps Archibald Lauder was amongst the first conducting consumer research, in that he took on board comments from friends and guests on the ‘house whisky’ and kept developing his Lauder’s whisky until completely satisfied.

 Soft heather honey maltiness and smooth leather with luscious oak-tones.
Palate: gentle warm notes balanced perfectly between soft oak and malt sweetness with an underlying touch of vanilla.
Finish: a captivating mature and long lingering softness. Like a long silk covered road to heaven.

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