Back in the day, long long time ago, when I was studying in London I had the privilege to fly to Dublin rather easily. What did I normally do when I travelled to Ireland? The long answer is Guinnesssssssssssssss.

Guinness is my favorite beer (anecdote: I met this Irish at a pub right next to Waterloo Bridge where he told me if one drank Guinness he would shxt black shxt for 2 days. I was totally fascinated) and I can always drink it day and night like there is no tomorrow. Since the pandemic erupted I, and all of us obviously, have been trapped in Hong Kong, and once in a while I can smell a scent of vanilla, bitterness lingering in the air coming from the other side of the Earth. That never fails to bring me back into the memories when I was drinking at the Temple Bar for the first time.

It was a gloomy day – typical – when I first arrived in Dublin. I took the opportunity to roam the city streets. After a good 2 hours of walking and photography, I finally stood at the doorway to the Temple Bar. When I entered I was greeted by happy drinkers, oblivious kisses, Irish folksongs and the traditional green and red decorations. I sat quietly by a counter table, ordered a pint of Guinness and let myself immerse in a world of tranquility and serenity.

Opened my eyes I am back again in my office. I am feeling a strong urge to have a pint right now!