Val d’Oca Punto ORO Millesimato Extra Dry Spumante

產地 Italy
酒精度 -    

A light sparkling wine, balanced and easy to combine with many dishes. The label is BRAND NEW and Val D'Oca offers it to you by inviting you to the tasting.

All the grapes that are used to give rise to this nectar come from a single year of production, particularly favorable. For this reason, on the label you will find the word Millesimato which indicates precisely this qualitative aspect. They are picked exclusively by hand.

At sight it is straw yellow with slight greenish reflections. As soon as it is poured into the glass, the elegant perlage begins to rise up to the surface and brings with it the refined olfactory scents. In fact, if we bring the glass closer to the nose, we can easily distinguish the aroma of white fruit like apple and pear and some citrus notes. Flowers are not lacking, wisteria and acacia are clear and persistent. The taste is well balanced between acidity, softness and flavor.