Sweet Wine - Japan

$260 $380
產地 Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
酒精度 30.0%


This winery is located in Miyazaki Prefecture, in the southern part of Kyushu. It was opened in 1996 based on the idea of "small town revitalization - if a winery can be built, it will transform the town."

In 2007, one of its wines was selected in the "100 Most Exciting Wine Finds" by Wine Report, a report dedicated to wine that is published in the UK each year.

In 2019, six of their wines won awards at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2019, one of Asia's biggest international competitions.

The winery has also been selected as one of the tour destinations of the Seven Stars in Kyushu, which is a cruise-style train.

The scent of citrus fruits, mainly lemon, is refreshing, and you can enjoy the scents of lime and sweet summer. The flavors of alcohol and lemon add a sense of unity to the taste due to its elegant sweetness.