La Belle Chaurienne Duck Confit

產地 France
容量 800g (2 - 3 legs)

The name of La Belle Chaurienne is a good choice since it has been established for 50 years in this beautiful town of Castelnaudary (Southern France) and is the standard-bearer of its gastronomic know-how. Indeed, La Belle Chaurienne's cassoulets can be found everywhere in France and in almost all the supermarkets. Thanks to the success of their recipe, we can be found also abroad.

The duck confit of La Belle Chaurienne is tender, finely salted and delicately flavored - a real treat!


  1. Before opening your tin of duck confit, place it in warm water for 10 minutes. This helps loosen the duck fat and makes it easier to prise out the duck legs.
  2. Remove duck legs from tin and place in an heated empty pan. Cook at middle heat until golden brown.
  3. With regards accompaniments, duck confit goes well with roast potatoes. Use the duck fat, to pan-fried some potatoes.