[HALF-PRICE MEGA SALE 半價大優惠] Domaine de l'Etalon d'Argent 2018

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產地 Bordeaux, France
24 x 750ml
酒精度 13.5%


Domaine de l'Etalon d'Argent's vineyard, which is situated in the town of Saint Andre de Cubzac is located exactly along the line of the 45th parallel, therefore making it an idea l site for a quality vineyard. The vineyard is remarkably we ll exposed and benefits from the presence of under­ ground quarries which allow for rainfall to be perfectly drained.

The wine from the Domaine de l'Etalon d'Argent has a complex nose both fruity and floral with  red fruit and vanilla notes. On the palate the wine is very well balanced, rich, and has a long aftertaste with jammy notes.