Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin

酒精度 40%

The British Gin Act of 1751 (infamously portrayed in William Hogarth’s iconic GIN LANE engraving pictured on left) is one of the most important landmarks in the history of gin production. It marked the beginning of the long historic journey towards becoming the reformed spirit of the 21st century and the classic spirit we so enjoy today.

Gin Lane 1751 is the embodiment of a classic Victorian style gin in its taste profile, juxtaposed with accurate label recreation of the period to create a range of authentic and crafted varietals.

Old Tom gin is lighter and less intense than a London Dry and was very common in the Victorian times. A sweeter style gin, we’ve increased the star anise botanical and added a touch of refined sugar to create a full-bodied, perfectly balanced gin. Staying true to the authentic and classic style, Old Tom gin should never be barrel aged nor have any color to the liquid.

A smooth, full-flavoured gin with a softer and slightly sweet profile. Silky and smooth with a sweet, citrus and earthy finish. Made with 100% refined sugarcane.