Lindemans Gentleman's Chardonnay

產地 Australia

The Gentleman’s Collection was inspired by a true gentleman of the winemaking world; Dr. Henry J Lindeman. He moved from England to the Hunter Valley where he established his own winery in 1843. A doctor by trade, he set his sights on civilising the hard-drinking colony of Australia by introducing them to more gentlemanly pursuits; mainly the enjoyment of a refined drop.

This quest for a more cultured wine experience continues today; and so the new Gentleman’s Collection range from Lindeman’s is a wine fit for the millennial gentleman. It consists of easy drinking wines – each made with a dash of fortified for rounded refinement. Today, we’re carrying on that tradition through the Gentleman’s Collection.

Colour: Pale to gold straw.
Nose: Fresh aromas of stone fruit, fruit salad, honey dew and cantaloupe with a hint of toasty oak.
Palate: Medium bodied. Peach and nectarine with a hint of nutty oak, creamy, soft and flavoursome with balanced acidity.