Zanetti Grana Padano (Portions) Aged 22 - 24 Months

產地 Italy
容量 200g

Zanetti is the leader in the production of Italian cheese in the world, owning 7 production facilities in Italy. Producing over 20,000 tons (over half a million wheels) of Grana Padano every year, Zanetti is now present in 80 countries and 5 continents. With over a hundred years of experience in producing Italian cheese, Zanetti continues to offer its customers top quality cheese.

The term ‘grana’ was used originally to indicate a cheese characterized by the grainy texture of the cheese produced in Valle Padana from the 11th Century. The fire-branded Grana Padano trademark comes from the Consortium for cheeses that have aged for at least 9 months after they were verified as meeting the requirements and provisions of production specifications and qualified as an authentic Grana Padano.