Vural Vodka Vural Organic Vodka

REGION Austria
ABV 40%

Vural Vodka is the only organic certified vintage vodka in the world, made from organically grown wheat and the high-purity spring water of the primary rock, unfiltered with 30-fold distillation, in Austria. Unlike the other vodka varieties, Vural Vodka is pure and can be enjoyed ‪at 16-18‬ ° C.

Vural Vodka is the world's only ultra premium organic vintage vodka. In a fundamentally redesigned production process, conventional filtering has been discarded in favour of thirty-fold distillation. Carefully selected wheat and fresh spring water from a nature reserve in the lower Mühlviertel are blended together to achieve Vural Vodka's delectably balanced signature finish. After bottling, Vural Vodka is left to mature inside its bottle for one year.

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