Rosemount Blends Traminer Riesling

REGION Australia

Since its establishment in 1974, Rosemount Estate has built a strong Australian and international reputation for producing high-quality wines. Freshness, vibrancy and great drinkability are the qualities that Rosemount Estate promises in every bottle.

Rosemount Estate Blends are made from some of the most flavorsome grapes in Australia from a range of regions. Complementary varieties are perfectly blended together to create an easy-drinking, bright and refreshing style of wine, skilfully balanced and full of delicious, fruit flavours.

Colour: Pale straw with vibrant green hues.
Nose: Incredibly fragrant, with a burst of Turkish delight, closely followed by lychee and quince.
Palate: Juicy and sweet with rosewater and lychee, all held together by fine zesty lime. Delicious! This wine should be served cold on a sunny afternoon in the company of friends.

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