PiGin Small Batch Gin

$398 $498
ABV 40%

PiGin is an organic small batch gin (40% ABV, 70 cl) distilled maintaining the traditional methods of a London Dry Gin. A gin perfect for a G&T – where each botanical has a place and can be noticed. PiGin uses the traditional method of a London Dry – where each botanical is distilled – and nothing is added after distillation more than the water sourced locally from a natural spring. Few but carefully selected, powerful flavours are the ingredients in PiGin. Juniper, coriander and citrus is a must for any great gin.

Ashanti pepper, Indian Long pepper – and a massive dollop of black pepper – being the main flavour character of PiGin. The heat adds to a fuller mouth-feel with a creamy and long- lasting lingering. The product matures in the bottle for around 6-8 weeks before it settles with a dominant pepper flavour – which surprisingly is not noticeable imminently after the distillation – but matures during rest. No bottles are sold prior to this ”resting time”.

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