Onikishi Japanese Blended Whisky

$428 $498
SIZE 700ml
ABV 43%

Onikishi derives its name from the Japanese words ‘Oni’ meaning demon and ‘Kishi’ meaning knight. The whisky is made using spirit matured in white oak barrels.

The premium Japanese blend is described as ‘a splendid modern dram’, which can be served neat, with carved ice, or mixed into cocktails.

Japan is a land known for his technological marvels yet its deeply rooted cultural heritage and behind this are centuries of mysticism and epic tales of lore. Onikishi is the demon knight bound to our whisky, imbuing it with its strength and vigor, its mystical charm and encapsulating the country’s deep traditions in its newest spirit, capturing the enduring essence of Japan.


Neat – A woody body from American white oak nuanced by honey tones give way to a heathery and myrtle floral scent touched by citrus.
On ice – Chilling mutes the woody scents and accentuated the citrus myrtle flavour and brings forward a touch of vanilla.

Neat – An immediate rush of honey and vanilla gives way to a more robust caramel that coats the mouth and makes way through the mid palate to a warmer cedar smoke. Heather Myrtle Cedar Yuzu zest Caramel Honey Vanilla
On ice – Citrus flavour integrated into the creamy feel of caramel with a subtle undertone of cedar.

Neat – A refreshing kick of yuzu zest contrasts the opening sweetness to end as it begins on a woody note.
On ice – The mid palate carries through to the finish ending with just a touch of warmth.

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