Laphroaig Four Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

REGION Islay, Scotland
ABV 40%

Made from spirit aged in four types of barrels, it's a complex and full-bodied dram. Spirit is hand-selected from ex-Bourbon barrels, small quarter casks and large European oak hogsheads. A unique addition to the blend is whisky aged in virgin American oak.

A new innovation for Scotch whisky, the new oak lends powerful aromas of vanilla to this extraordinary peated Islay single malt. This complements the flavors of stewed fruit and the unmistakable medicinal, smoky notes that make Laphroaig so unique. Serve it as it is, or add a few cubes of ice.

  • Aged in four different types of oak cask for deeper flavor

  • Notes of peat smoke, stewed fruit and toasted vanilla

  • Part aged in new American oak, rarely used in Scotch whisky production

  • 19th Century-style quarter casks lend a velvety texture

  • Also matured in ex-Bourbon casks and European oak hogsheads

Bright Gold.
Nose: Aromas of peat smoke with stewed fruit and warm, toasted vanilla.
Body: Full bodied
Palate: Hints of sandalwood, pine, fir and willow, experience oak embers and seaweed with smooth buttercream.
Finish: Salted liquorice and peaty.

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