Köstritzer Pale Ale (8-Bottle Set)

REGION Germany
ABV 7%

A master of tradition: Köstritzer Pale Ale is pure crafted perfection and an extraordinary taste sensation. The special combination of bittering and aroma hops gives this specialty beer its powerful dry and bitter flavour, creating an intense moment of enjoyment with every sip.  

Bright golden orange with a delicately light foam head.
Aroma: Intense, tangy fragrance – think passionfruit, orange blossom, hops and grapefruit – combined with warm and sweet notes of ripe cereals and dark honey.
Flavour: Dry and bitter to taste, light in the mouth with a light tingle and gently effervescent character. Malty sweetness and refreshing tropical citrus combine with our characteristic, intense hops flavour to create a distinctly full-flavoured vitality and exciting depth in our pale ale.

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