Iordanov Vodka - Diamond Skull Edition

REGION Germany
ABV 40%

Iordanov Vodka is bottled in extravagant bottles with 1000 crystals.

It is produced in one of the oldest stills from the finest wheat and pure, soft, crystal-clear water from northern European islands that has been demineralized. This achieves its smooth and aromatic taste. It is a delicious premium vodka of the highest quality.

There is a protective jacket inside the bottle that prevents the bottle and vodka from coming into contact. The refined bottle has another advantage; because it is unbreakable, it remains a luxurious piece of jewelry long after consumption. The stones are painstakingly processed by hand. The shimmering shine of the crystals is reminiscent of the crystal clear vodka and thus artistically represent the content of the handmade designer bottle. Iordanov Vodka is an interesting design object for art collectors.

The vodka is distilled five times to achieve the rich, gentle and aromatic flavour. After the distillation process, Iordanov vodka is further filtered through charcoals to achieve maximum purity.

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