REGION Germany

Goldberg is the ideal complement to high-quality spirits. Complex and unusual flavours are enhanced and accentuated by the relatively high proportion of carbon dioxide. The result: completely new and subtle taste variations in combination with uncompromisingly high quality, and a personal taste superlative for every connoisseur.

Goldberg Tonic Water
 stands for an unexpectedly intensive taste experience. Via a fine nuance of fresh lemon, its subtle sweetness develops into a surprisingly bitter, mature finish. Goldberg Tonic Water derives its perfect refreshing character from natural quinine, fresh fruit flavours and a high carbon dioxide content, making it the perfect complement to a fine spirit.

Goldberg Bone Dry Tonic is based on the classic tonic taste, but Bone Dry offers a new dimension by its unique balance of reduced sweetness and characteristic bitterness. An intensive taste experience with a forceful character that harmonises perfectly with any high-calibre gin. Equally suitable for classic recipes or exciting experimental creations.

Goldberg Intense Ginger Beer, following the tradition of a classic ginger beer, brings out the full flavour and corresponding bite of root ginger. This intensive taste experience develops its full potential particularly well in combination with fresh ingredients such as limes, mint or cucumber, bringing a whole new meaning to a classic mule, but is also perfectly enjoyable on its own.

Goldberg Bitter Lemon unites the natural freshness of lemons and oranges with the intensive bitterness of real quinine. The exciting sparkle of the finely balanced carbon dioxide enables this unusual drink to develop its full potential and turns Goldberg Bitter Lemon into a sensual experience.


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