City of London Distillery Authentic London Dry Gin

ABV 40.3%

The City of London has a rich gin history. During the Gin Craze in the 18th century there was a gin distillery or gin shop in every street in the City benefiting from the spices and citrus fruits coming in to the port of London.When the Gin Craze ended, very few gin distilleries survived, and for nearly 200 years there wasn’t a single gin distillery in the City. That is until the City of London Distillery opened in 2012.

Our first gin, launched in 2012 and created by Master Distiller Jonathan Clark, it is a classically balanced London Dry Gin. This gin is what kickstarted The City of London Distillery as a brand and cemented it as one of the key players at the heart of London’s gin revival. This bottle still stands strong as our flagship offering and offers unrivalled quality for its price.

Nose: Classic London Dry nose, strong juniper upfront, fresh lemon oil.
Palate: Juniper still taking centre stage, bright citrus, now more aromatic. A subtle earthy spice to balance.
Finish: Long and dry, with lingering citrus notes.

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