[Best Seller] Calderón Jamón de Cebo de Campo 50% Ibérico Ham 36-month 36個月半橡果餵飼50%伊比利亞火腿

REGION Guijuelo, Spain
SIZE 80g

Calderon & Ramos is more than a business group. As a result of their passion for the origin and development of their products, they have been working since 1982 to keep their local tradition alive.

All of their facilities are equipped with the most innovative machinery on the market. Each stage of the process is taken care of in a strict and meticulous manner, in order to ensure maximum quality until products reach the customers.

Rounded and elongated. When it is cut, it has an attractive purplish-red color and a shine with leaks of pinkish ivory white fat. With an exceptional flavour and a soft and delicate texture on the palate.

※ 50% Ibérico 伊比利亞黑毛豬種
※ Dry-cured for 36 mth. 風乾 36 個月
※ Fed with both acorns and feed 橡果及飼料餵飼
※ Natural free-range 自然放養

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